Upvote Bell

This is a tool for makers that publish their projects on Product Hunt.

Upvote Bell can show your PH projects statistics and real-time notification for new upvotes for projects that published in the last 48 hours.

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How it works

You are login to the service via Product Hunt. After that you are on the dashboard page where you can see all your projects that you publish on Product Hunt. Choose one and click on the "View statistic" button to see your project details. If you published the project in last 48 hours you will be receiving notification about new upvotes every 5 minutes(just stay on the website).
That's all :)


Project page

Want try?

Just sign up with your Product Hunt account.

Show My Product Statics For Free

Project Roadmap

  • Dropdown for choosing a period of time for showing upvotes on the chart
  • Improve upvotes chart
  • Minify requests to Product Hunt API
  • Push notifications for new upvotes
  • Follow/Unfollow button for people who upvoted project
  • Add comments and reviews to chart

Have ideas for new features? Just send a direct message to me on Twitter or Telegram.

Made by @sybrikN
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